Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation Services, Havertown, PA McNelis Landscaping Inc. is a leading landscaping company catering to residential and commercial clients in and around Havertown, PA Our personalized lawn and garden care strategies leave no stone unturned, and we provide customized irrigation and drainage installations to meet each client's needs.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the design and installation of irrigation systems, which we guarantee will exceed your expectations. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can provide our residential and commercial clients with tailored irrigation solutions that meet their requirements.

Design and Installation of Irrigation Systems

To develop an effective irrigation strategy, it's crucial to conduct a site survey and assessment to account for each property's unique characteristics. Based on factors such as plant types, outdoor layout, and plant spacing, we implement a range of irrigation systems. Our irrigation products include automated sprinklers, drip irrigation installations, soaker hose fittings, and others.

We believe that the best and most durable landscape irrigation infrastructure on our clients' properties results from integrating all the systems we offer. To ensure long-lasting features that function flawlessly for years, you should rely on us, as we use only the latest, top-quality materials and install them using standard practices.

Design and Installation of Drainage Systems

Our outdoor drainage systems are not only flawless but also highly efficient. Below are various types of drains used in landscaping, considering the design, slope, coverage, and terrain:

  • French Drains - If your landscape includes raised planters, advanced landscape drainage is essential to divert water from these areas. French drains are effective in achieving this purpose. These drains are filled with landscaping materials, such as gravel and stones, to increase the soil's permeability and prevent clogged gutters.

  • Channel Drains - Perfect for capturing water runoff from lawns, patios, and walkways, these features direct excess water away from the structure and into the main sewer line.

  • Area Drains - Ideal for areas with low elevations, these primary drains connect to a more elaborate network of subterranean landscape drainage pipes. They are common in areas with high rainfall or low-lying regions where flooding could damage buildings.

We inspect the existing spaces and develop a proper plan for the installation of effective and robust drainage systems for big and small residential and commercial yards and landscapes.

Perfectly Planned Irrigation and Drainage Systems

Having proper irrigation and drainage is critical for the health and longevity of your landscape, no matter how small your yard may be. At our company, we understand the importance of superior irrigation and drainage solutions, and we're committed to providing our clients with the best possible service. Whether you need a sprinkler system installed, a drainage system designed to prevent water accumulation, or an irrigation system to keep your landscape healthy, we can help.

Don't wait until your landscape is damaged by improper irrigation or drainage. Call McNelis Landscaping Inc. at 610-446-3777 to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you create a healthier, more beautiful outdoor space. You can also send us your project details by writing to us through this Online Form and one of our experts will call you soon to understand your irrigation and drainage requirements.